Integrated Agri-Product Plant

The purpose of the Agri-product Plant is to develop low cost, local raw ingredients as inputs for the Aquafeed Plant and sell finished goods ready for food production and consumption. This plant will process coconuts, rice and cassava which are all abundant locally. At a later point in time a fish meal/oil plant may be installed.

The co-located plants feature latest technology and plant design and share major equipment (boilers, solar power, emergency power generation) and infrastructure (warehousing and an office and amenities block) and mobile equipment (trucks, forklifts etc.) providing overall cost savings.

The first phase of plant development will be installation of the rice and cassava units and product packaging facilities.  The coconut process plant will be a fast follow-on project.

The rice unit will comprise two rice dryers and a triple pass rice mill and will produce finished rice and rice bran for local consumption.

A cassava dryer, chipper and mill will produce cassava flakes and/or tapioca for local and export markets.

The coconut unit will process up to 100,000 whole coconuts and 30,000 dehusked nuts on a daily basis and feature the latest coconut processing equipment in the world to produce virgin coconut oil (VCO) and a range of valuable by-products.