Advisory Board

Hennie Pieterse (Extrusion & Aquaculture Expert)

Hennie Pieterse is a graduated Agricultural Engineer and has undertaken post graduate studies in marketing, financial management and aquaculture.  He has more than 25 years’ experience in extrusion technology related to the production of extruded raw materials (such as soy beans) as well as animal feeds, aquatic feeds, pet foods, human snack foods and breakfast cereals.  He has had particular experience in all aspects of aquatic feeds extrusion, process flow design, product development and technology transfer.

He has had more than 20 years’ experience in aquaculture engineering and all aspects of fish husbandry.

Hennie also has extensive experience in market analysis, development and implementation of marketing/sales strategies and communication between customers’ needs and engineering development and design.

Peter Hutchinson (Aquafeed/Extrusion Consultant/Wenger liaison)

Peter Hutchinson studied aquaculture at the University of Tasmania and later worked for NIWA (MAF) in Wellington and the New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries.

Subsequently, he joined his father’s stockfeed business EN Hutchinson Ltd, and in 1997 installed a Wenger extruder and associated ancillary equipment.  Primary focus was product development for extruded aquaculture feed but also included extrusion projects ranging from agricultural feeds and pet foods.

In 2013 Peter sold his family’s shareholding in EN Hutchinson Limited (retaining 25%) which has been renamed Extrusion Co. Ltd.  Peter then established ENH Ltd as a consulting business focused primarily on extrusion processing with emphasis on the aquaculture industry.

Peter took on the role of Australian agent for Wenger Manufacturing Inc. in September 2012 and subsequently joined Wenger in an international sales role to assist in development of aquafeed sector sales.

John Blackett (Petfood manufacturing expert UK)

John Blackett attended a farm based boarding school in the Cotswolds in the UK, then came home to farm for three years before going to Myerscough College.  At college he did his thesis on cross breeding cattle in Queensland Australia before returning to the UK where he commenced share farming.

In 1989 he became farm manager of a large estate on a profit share basis and shortly thereafter established as a side line a pet food manufacturing business which over time grew into the largest private label pet food manufacturing operation in the UK employing approximately 400 people and exporting to 50 to 60 countries.

John sold his shareholding in this business now known as GA Pet Food Partners two years ago but continues to play an active role as a consultant to the business principally involved in the procurement of existing and novel raw materials and process research.

John is an internationally recognised authority on premium pet food manufacture and was a member of the Executive Board of the UK Pet Food Manufacturing Association.

He is Chairman of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership Committee between the University of Nottingham, Wenger Manufacturing Inc. and GAPP, the scope of which is to research the benefit of fresh meat inclusion in pet foods using a novel thermal process.