Fish Farming and Processing

The aquaculture facility based at Villareal on Samar comprises a fish hatchery, recently acquired from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), for the rearing of fry, fingerlings and small size marine fish. It will be augmented with the installation of off-shore floating sea cages for the production of market size fish. The objective of the facility is to be a high volume, profitable producer of quality barramundi and other high value species such as cobia and grouper for the premium end of the domestic market and for export to South East Asian markets.
PPI has the strong support of BFAR and has access to prime offshore aquaculture lease areas in unpolluted and very clean waterways. The lease areas are close to other company infrastructure and landing and processing sites are very well connected with freight logistics. Eventually, PPI owned manufactured feed supply will provide reliable high quality feed to specification.

Barramundi (known as sea bass in South East Asia) is a high value fish not currently farmed in commercial quantities in the Philippines. PPI’s target annual tonnage of barramundi is 3,000 tonnes to be achieved within 5 years by developing 500tpa incremental modules.
Fish produced from this operation will be processed to supply chilled and frozen fillets and 600 – 800g whole fish with waste going to the fishmeal or aquafeed plants. Other product lines will be introduced as markets are developed.