Local Demand for Aquafeed

There is no locally based feed plant to service the rapidly growing South Australian aquaculture industry which currently sources feed from Tasmania, Queensland, and Japan.

Local manufacture will significantly reduce feed freight costs and enable the Port Lincoln based Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT) Ranching industry to transition to quality feed tailored to growing requirements. The SBT ranching industry currently uses 60,000t of baitfish from overseas and locally caught sardines and presents an initial potential market of 5,000t of manufactured feed increasing to 20,000t over 5 years.

Yellowtail Kingfish production (Clean Seas) is predicted to increase to 3,000 tonnes per annum in 2018/19 requiring approximately 10,000t of feed.

The Protemax plant will be able to produce bespoke aquatic feeds to meet industry requirements. Opportunities exist nationally to supply feed for atlantic salmon (80,000t of feed), barramundi (7,000t), as well as smaller niches for abalone, salt water crocodiles and microfeeds (6,000t) and yellowtail kingfish expansion into WA & NSW (1,000t).

Preliminary feed production and feed acceptability trials have been undertaken with favourable results achieved with SBT, yellowtail kingfish and salt water crocodiles to date (IP protected).