Our Partners

Our strategic relationships ensure optimal delivery of our projects and include:

Austratek Designs Pty. Ltd.

Austratek provides mechanical consulting services throughout Australia and surrounding regions. Its expertise is in providing mechanical plant and equipment for the manufacturing industry.  Plentex has engaged Austratek to provide specialist services in relation to its Philippines agri-product project and to be Project Manager for the Protemax feed plant near Geelong, Victoria.

Ottevanger Milling Engineers B.V.

Ottevanger Milling Engineers is a global and leading supplier of production equipment and processing lines for grain processing and compound feed industry founded in 1909. Ottevanger Milling Engineers still is an independent, privately owned Dutch company. The company’s expertise lies in engineering, manufacturing, contracting and project management.  It plans, designs and manages the construction of complete production facilities for individual lines for processes:
  • Feedmills
  • Premix and concentrate plants
  • Aquafeed and pet food installations
  • Cereal processing lines
  • Biomass installations
Plentex has appointed Ottevanger as leading engineering group for the Protemax feed plant.

Wenger Manufacturing, Inc.

Wenger was established in a small town in rural Kansas, USA in 1929.  Today Wenger specialises in the design and manufacture of state of the art commercial extrusion cooking systems ranging in size from small laboratory and research applications to production applications with capacities as high as 32 tonnes/hr.  In addition to 14 sizes of twin screw and single screw extruders, sub systems typically include continuous drying and toasting ovens, mixes, blenders, automated control systems and enrobing equipment for applying seasonings and sugar to snacks, cereals and similar foods.
Plentex has engaged Wenger to supply the state of the art twin screw extruder and ancillary equipment for the Protemax plant.