Pet Food

Australia has one of the highest incidences of pet ownership in the world and pet food expenditure here is estimated to total $3.01 billion with $1.61b spent on dogs and $1.1b spent on cats annually.

China has become the third-largest pet market in the world home to 27 million dogs and 58 million cats (Source: Euromonitor APPA, FEDIAF and, via Gfk Pet Food Forum China 2015) and its pet food industry is dominated by trusted foreign brands.

Other attractive markets include Japan, India, Russia, North America and Europe.

Increasing consumer trends globally favour specialty pet feeds to address specific age-related or health needs for example and gourmet meals and treats containing high quality ingredients.

Australian ingredients are currently being shipped to Canada, US and Europe for the manufacture of pet food.

Protemax will be well-positioned to cater to the increasing consumer trend towards premium dog and cat feed through private label product ranges.