ProEn-K is a high protein feed meal produced by the fermentation of sweet potato that can be used as an alternative protein to replace expensive fishmeal and legumes in aqua and stock feeds.

The dried product is stable for at least 2 years without the addition of preservatives or anti-oxidants.

ProEn-K produces comparable growth rates and in some cases better growth rates in some species than commercial fish feeds. It has been tested as feed for milkfish, tilapia, prawns and crabs at a commercial aquafarm.

Two Philippine academic research groups (University of Philippines, Visayas and Tarlac Agricultural University) have been awarded a US Aid STRIDE Grant of 1 year funding of approximately 4 million (AUD110k) which is to be directed to commercialisation of ProEn-K.  Plentex assisted with the application for the STRIDE Grant and Plentex Philippines has been nominated as the project’s commercial partner.
The University of Philippines, Visayas is recognised as the centre of excellence for aquaculture and fisheries research in the Philippines. Tarlac Agricultural University has developed the sweet potato fermentation technology.