Research and Development

Plentex is committed to an ongoing research and development plan focused on the use of microalgae and macroalgae and other protein sources in aquafeeds, stockfeeds and pet food.
Plentex continues to monitor developments in the commercial scale growing of microalgae and macroalgae and the extraction of high value products.
Close partner relationships are being maintained with the South Australia Research and Development Institute (SARDI), Flinders University, the University of the Philippines and Tarlac Agricultural University (Philippines).
Plentex through PPI is currently engaged in two R&D projects (Halymenia durvillei and ProEn-K) in the Philippines which could have substantial commercial benefits for PPI.
Plentex is closely monitoring developments in aquafeeds and pet foods and is planning to conduct or participate in feed development and feed trials for yellowtail kingfish and southern bluefin tuna in 2017.